Keep your ring and smartphone well within 100 feet or 30 meters of each other to maintain a consistent connection. For a stronger and more reliable connection keep them even closer. Up to 45 feet or 15 meters is good. Within 15 feet or 5 meters is optimal. 

Try the following to check your connection is stable: 

  • Press the ring’s button. If the device vibrates once and the LED light blinks green, it’s paired with your smartphone. 
  • Next go to the device management screen in Nimb app and check it says ‘connected’.

Try this if your ring regularly disconnects from your smartphone:

  1. Check your ring is running the latest firmware since recent updates improve connectivity and fix other critical bugs. Find out how to update your firmware
  2. Check your smartphone is running the latest software. Recent updates may also have fixed connection bugs. 
  3. Keep your ring and smartphone within the optimal range for connection. The ring will vibrate or you’ll receive an app push notification if you exceed this distance. 
  4. Reset your ring and establish a new connection with your smartphone. 
  5. If you have an iPhone, check the push notification and location settings for Nimb app. Make sure that all notifications are turned on. If not, Nimb ring will not work.

The ring will automatically turn off if it is disconnected from your phone for more than 45 minutes. Turn it back on by pressing and holding the ring’s button for a few seconds. It will vibrate to signal that it’s active.