Nimb is an emergency alert system, at the heart of which is a ring with a panic button to send emergency alerts to pre-set list of contacts including friends, family members, first responders, people nearby and other members of the Nimb community.

Nimb Ring provides fast and easy access to the panic button, even if hands are restricted of movement or the person is in a state of shock or stupor.

It looks great for everyday wear with any outfit, it fits any style and complements your image, yet it will help you save valuable time in an emergency and let others know immediately when you need help, showing your location on map.

Press the button, hold it for three seconds — the ring will gently vibrate, confirming that the signal has been sent. This requirement together with a recessed button prevents the user from sending the alert by accident. After holding the button pressed for three seconds, a message with your GPS location and your profile details is being sent to the contacts that you pre-set in the application.

However, Nimb Ring is only the first step in the creation of the Nimb Platform. Nimb will connect anyone who is need of help in case of an emergency to the best and fastest response team anywhere in the world. It will also notify all of the relevant parties of the situation and its developments.

We plan to transform emergency alerting, the same way that Google has done to information searching or Uber to personal transportation.