The ring pairs with a smartphone via bluetooth. Once paired and as long as the ring and smartphone have battery life, they will always stay connected. When the button, that is located at the bottom of the ring, is pressed, the ring starts to vibrate intermittently and if the button is pressed for three seconds the vibration becomes longer confirming that the alert has been activated. The signal is sent via the smartphone to the Nimb server which is then forwarded to the pre-selected responders. All of the responders will have access to the app through which the response can be managed and coordinated. Upon setup, the user will have to choose at least one contact to be part of the response team. Once the contacts are entered, they will receive an SMS notification that a user has added them as a responder. They are invited to download the Nimb app to be always connected to the platform. Users will be able to add as many friends and family members as they want free of charge. Extra monthly fee will be charged for access to monitoring stations that will be available 24/7 and will be able to call and coordinate any first response team.